Once, we were poisoned with sushi. Or we weeped after seeing Bunraku puppets. Or we were caught by the GOU game table. Any of this could explain why we are making games with Japanese furiousness, methodology and care. The main thing is that we make them in such a way.

Once, we called an important financial advisor and asked him to write a good, but really honest plan for how to monetize our game. The advisor was as offended as if we had offered him a salary in Liberian dollars. And he left. Yes – and he told others about it. Well, okay. The main thing is that you can play our games fully and for free.

Once, we went to analytical psychologist. And, you know what? It turns out that we are normal. It is considered absolutely normal to drink tea with six spoons of sugar, study triangulation with Silent Hunter and crawl out of bed when the alarm clock goes off, because somewhere on the other side of the globe your squadron is going to storm the system. Yes, we love to play. And we love sugar. In water.

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