The World Around Us: Occupations

We have invented and created the learning series «The World Around Us: Occupations» in order to introduce 3 to 5-year-olds to the occupations around us.

Game available for:

The World of Occupations: Chef

What does a fireman wear to work; what is pizza made of; what tools does a doctor use? Your little explorer will learn all this and much more by solving various game problems. A cute boy Tim and a robot guide ToTo will help your little one with this exciting task.

The World of occupations for kids

We'll make pizza, build a brick wall, put out a fire, and learn to drive a fire engine. At the same time we'll be learning geometrical shapes and the the colors of the rainbow, learning to count, and rescuing kittens.

The story of one working day doesn't just introduce your kid to different jobs: it also helps consolidate their knowledge of math and logic. Recommended for kids aged 3 and up.

The World of occupations for kids 2

Defend the garden from crows, pick apples, manage a greenhouse, and grow vegetables from seed. Help an old lady across the road, learn to use a microscope, diagnose a patient's illness. Get a rocket ready for launch, fly into orbit, and repair a solar power station.

This is the second set of occupations games from «The World Around Us». Recommended for kids aged 3 and up.